John Bair

John Bair
400 Commerce Drive, Fort Washington, PA 19034

Move without pain! Look better everyday! Live life stronger!

John Bair is from Montgomery County, Pennsylvania and he was fortunate
enough to learn from some of the best strength coaches in the world!
Rejecting what was useless, absorbing what was useful and uniquely adding
his own spice to the dip. He was smart enough to implement the systems of
these great coaches into his own, Bair Knuckle Strength. Most days, those
systems make him look pretty intelligent.

He is DVRT Level 1 & 2, StrongFirst Girya (SFG), Russian Kettlebell
Challenge (RKC), Killing It With Kettlebells (KIWK) Certified, as well as
a Functional Movement Specialist (FMS). He has experience with Restorative
Exercise, Pain Free Movement, Kettlebells, Barbells, Ultimate Sand Bags,
Body weight Calisthenics, Indian Clubs,  Aero Sling Suspension Training
and so much more.

“I could make more money doing something else but I’ve chosen physical
culture and the unique ability it gives me to make an impact in my
community. I work to help remove limitations, increase positive behavior
and zero in on the goal. I believe in order to get better; you must hold
yourself to better standards.

Start Today – Breathe Better, Move Better, Eat Better, Recover Better And
Get Strong …Better, No?”

Specialty: functional fitness, functional movement, sandbag exercises,
sandbag fitness, sandbag training, sandbag workouts, ultimate sandbag,
kettlebells, indian clubs, aero sling, calisthenics, bodyweight strength,