Susara van der Heever

Susara van der Heever
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Susafit Fitness Studio 22390 119 Ave Maple Ridge BC Canada

I have always been busy with some sort of exercise, from long distance running in High School to swimming in College to water aerobics in my early years of marriage. I was not overweight nor was I toned and I’ve always thought I was living a good and balanced lifestyle.
In September of 2008 the family did a wonderful trip for 4weeks and it was at the end of that 4weeks that I realized I truly needed to address my way of living.  It took me another month of reading an article about how to train for a 5km race when on 20 October 2008 I took the first step.
It has been the best steps ever leading me on a path of self-discovery of lows and highs and even great triumphs, of meeting the most wonderful people on the way who introduce me to so many different and fun ways to stay healthy.
I changed my outlook and attitude from diet to healthy, from throwing out the big evil of a scale to feeling good about myself.
I believe a positive attitude and feeling good about yourself is there for the taking you just need someone to show you the way.

BC Canada