Amy Jo Oliver

Amy Jo Oliver
Amy Jo Oliver has been an avid fitness enthusiast since childhood and has always loved sharing her passion for health and fitness.  However, it wasn't until Amy Jo turned 40 years old that she decided to make her passion and desire to help people achieve greater fitness and health goals as her “profession”.  Now as an almost 50 year old, Amy Jo has had the joy of assisting the women, primarily moms, of her community learn how to take their health back via fitness, nutrition, and the adoption of healthy habits.  She loves knowing that her niche market has been working with moms because she is fully aware that if she can guide a mom to a healthier lifestyle, then more than likely, so will go the family – hence making an even greater impact, possibly even generations! Amy Jo is an avid learner and thus has numerous accreditations which she views as more tools in her “toolbox” to help a wide variety of people.  (Those accreditations are listed below.)  Amy Jo's mission is to not only help her clients, or friends as she considers them, achieve their health and fitness goals, but she also strives to provide a safe and comfortable environment, assists them in proper form, counsels them in healthy lifestyles and nutrition, and fosters the development of close relationships with and between her clients all the while having fun during the training sessions despite the grueling workouts!
*Precision Nutrition Level 1
*DVRT Ultimate Sandbag Trainer Levels I & II
*The BioMechanics Method Trainer – Level I
*TABATA BOOTCAMP Trainer (and former Master Trainer)
*PLYOGA Trainer
*TRX Trainer
*Leibert Training System