Mark Love

Mark Love
New York NY USA

Mark Love took an interest in physical strength in his teens after injuries to a foot and shoulder injuries he was convinced wouldnt have happened had he been stronger and which doctors wanted to correct with surgery. His training for the first few years was like that of many based on advice from magazines physically impressive athletes in the gym and trial and error. It wasnt terribly efficient but he gained size and strength and more than 25 years later hasnt needed surgery for either of those old injuries. (Hes learned a lot since then.)

He has worked with all sorts of people from young kids to folks in their 80s from new mothers bouncing back from childbirth to a multiple time world squash champion. He loves helping people discover the freedom and confidence that come with strength and good movement and strives to help everyone take the long view with regard to training. He loves barbells kettlebells bodyweight training and wishes hed learned about DVRT both as a standalone system and in conjunction with other methods a lot sooner.

When not training himself or others he reads everything he can get his hands on takes in live and recorded music whenever possible and gets out into nature often.

New York