Marco Guanilo

Marco Guanilo
(917) 426-3492
180 West 80th Street New York NY 10024 USA

A trainer since 2001 Marco has over 14 years experience training everybody from office workers and stay at home moms to major celebrities and CEOs as a Tier 3 trainer for Equinox Fitness Clubs in NYC. Marco uses his vast knowledge and experience of many different tools of the trade such as Kettlebells Clubbells TRX and Olympic Rings to design some of the most creative and effective training sessions you will ever experience. Marco is a Corrective Exercise and Injury Rehabilitation specialist who uses his knowledge of the body and its movements to help post-Physical Therapy patients get back on top of their game after completing their road to recovery.

For all you crossfitters out there Marco is a USAW Sport Performance Coach specializing in Olympic Weightlifting to help you perfect your form and prevent any injuries when trying to crush your WOD.

Looking to get into Kettlebell training or to strengthen your form and technique? Marco holds both the RKC II and the WKC Kettlebell certifications and has several years under his belt both using and teaching how to use these amazing fitness tools.

Marco is also Pre/Post Natal Certified and has many excellent references from several happy mothers who trained with him before during and after their pregnancies.

Marco Guanilo
Momentum Fitness
NASM – CPT RKC II USAW Olympic Weightlifting TacFit Pre/Post Natal FMS
180 w.80th Street Mezzanine Level
New York NY 10024
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