Kari Negraiff

Kari Negraiff
20468 Lougheed Highway #5 Maple Ridge BC V2X Canada

Kari Negraiff CSCS
Director of Envision Fitness

A natural born athlete Kari has always been drawn to participation in sport and physical activity. She earned her athletic foundation and tolerance for extremely cold weather as a competitive speed skater growing up in the harsh winter conditions of the Canadian Prairies.

Karis friends and family would be the first to tell you how devoted she is to her career as co-founder and owner of Envision Fitness in Maple Ridge BC. She is keen to make the most of every opportunity to learn more and to be the best she can hence her nickname the Questionator. She fundamentally believes that exercise is a science and that the combination of scientific mastery with the art of coaching is where we truly make a difference changing peoples lives.

Her pursuit of excellence in the field of exercise science started at the University of British Columbia where she graduated at the top of her class earning her a degree in Kinesiology. Following several years of frustration in the fitness industry no amount of continuing education seemed to fill the void between client results and Karis expectations of what was possible. In 2011 Kari was introduced to Josh Henkin and the concept of DVRT; finally there was not only a solution but a system to help clients reach their true potential. Together with her business partner Steve Di Tomaso and Kari have built one of the most successful hybrid gym facilities in North America using programming and coaching systems derived from the DVRT system. DVRT is an integral part of their culture at Envision Fitness and certification a mandatory requirement for all coaching staff.

Kari believes that as professionals in the fitness industry it is our duty to provide and nurture a positive relationship between exercise health and fitness and to de-bunk myths marketing and fitness trends designed to take advantage of people. Kari believes that DVRT raises the bar for fitness professionals by providing a path of self improvement in order to standardize the delivery and implementation of goal-oriented fitness programming and coaching.

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