Steve Di Tomaso-Master Instructor

Steve Di Tomaso-Master Instructor
20468 Lougheed Highway #5 Maple Ridge BC V2X Canada

Owner of Envision Fitness

Steve has followed the path of physical fitness from childhood and continues to develop himself as a student and athlete. He earned a degree in Human Kinetics with a specialization in Exercise Science from the University of British Columbia. With an arms length of credentials and certifications Steve considers himself a lifelong learner.

It hasnt always been easy. Steve is used to being told what he cant do but that has only fueled the fire to push forward. Despite struggling with knee pain with running Steve overcame adversity completing his first Ironman in 2011. Five weeks later Steve started his marathon debut with a Boston qualifying run and hasnt looked back since. Being a strength coach and endurance athlete has given Steve a unique perspective on how to become a more efficient athlete.

DVRT has been a pillar in Steves training and has contributed greatly to his success as an athlete coach and business owner. The DVRT system form the foundation that Envision Fitness is built on. There is no better system that will prepare you for life and sport.

Steve is known for his bandanas and matching apparel. Hes been told that if he was to be struck by a car while running it wont be because the driver did not see him. He has an impressive collection of footwear and can justify every purchase for their best use. To his credit he does use them all.

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