Amanda Thebe

Amanda Thebe
Toronto ON Canada

My name is Amanda Thebe and I am a personal trainer and nutritional coach in downtown Toronto. I was an active kid who grew up to be an active mother and somewhere along the line I became a fitness professional. I hold a personal training certificate from Loughborough University UK have completed the Precision Nutrition Level 1 TRX Suspension certification including Sports Medicine and DVRT Level 1 + 2.

My quest in life is to be strong healthy and informed. I had tried every fitness craze out there but once I started working with and understanding the benefits of strength and conditioning I never looked back.

I got into personal training because I like to exercise but I continue to do it because I love it. I am constantly inspired by my clients fulfilled when they achieve their goals and so proud when I see them pass on their new healthy habits to their kids so that they grow up with healthy bodies healthy minds and healthy attitudes to life.

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