Araceli Mazariego

Araceli Mazariego
2120 Bird Street Oroville CA 95965 USA

Araceli was born and raised in Mexico with a passion for fitness. She began training in 2000 on her own. In 2008 to 2010 she trained at a local Crossfit gym where her fascination in exercising opened doors to self-growth in the fitness world. She dedicated her time to learn and practice Olympic lifting nutrition and fitness on her own. Reading about Strength and Conditioning has helped her to understand and help her clients goals.

Araceli in 2011 started formally teaching Strength and Conditioning class and volunteered to teach a fitness class to recovering addicts. She also gladly gave her time to do personal trainings to committed gym members and friends. In 2012 she was certified in Level 1 DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training) and then in 2013 she received her Level II Certification in DVRT w/TRX training. She currently teaches an Ultimate Sandbag Training Class at the Oroville Lords Gym.

Aracelis classes focus on functional crossover training to mimic everyday real-life activities such as squatting kneeling bending twisting pushing pulling etc. She uses Ultimate Sandbags TRX suspension training Valslide dumb bells kettle bells bands barbells and bodyweight training to help clients get in great shape.

Araceli believes that being committed to overall wellness will get you emotionally mentally spiritually and physically fit.