Dennis Stoika

Dennis Stoika
West Virginia USA
Martial Arts Background:

- Commando Krav Maga Krav Maga Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Combat Submission Wrestling Jeet Kune Do Filipino Martial Arts Kempo Tae Kwon Do Boxing and Kickboxing.

Professional Background:
- Current federal law enforcement officer 1998 - present
- Former local police officer 1994 - 1998
- Former United States marine 1988 - 1992

- Commando Krav Maga certified instructor
- Commando Krav Maga for women certified instructor
- Commando Krav Maga for military/law enforcement certified instructor
- Gracie Combatives certified instructor
- Gracie Combatives for military/law enforcement certified instructor
- Certified personal trainer International Sports Science Association
- Certified fitness nutrition specialist International Sports Science Association
- Elite Combat Fitness certified instructor
- Elite Kettlebell certified instructor
- Beach Body Coach
- Beach Body Insanity certified trainer
- Beach Body P90X certified trainer
- Dynamic Variable Resistance Training - Ultimate Sandbag certified trainer
- TRX certified trainer
- Yoga certified instructor 300 hours
- Pilates certified instructor
- Certified Lifestyle Fitness Coach
- First Aid CPR and AED certified

Personal Background:
- Married with two children.

Personal Blog:
- Courage strength and the will to succeed overcome adversity!
West Virginia